Initiating a critical conversation on the health of our planet through the lens of art and optimism.

The Rainforest Foundation is on a mission to tackle deforestation locally and globally and their new non-profit initiative UNITY, founded by photographer Laurence Ellis, brings together some of the world’s leading photographers and visual artists to support that goal.

All have donated work to raise funds to heal and protect indigenous communities and communicate  the urgency to repair and safeguard the Amazon rainforest’s ecosystem.

In 2020, indigenous peoples in Central and South America face several unprecedented challenges. COVID-19. Rampant deforestation. Raging fires.  And political systems that continue to further marginalize them. All threaten their survival

Support UNITY by purchasing art from Paul Mpagi Sepuya, Rafael Pavarotti, Wolfgang Tillmans, Pieter Hugo and nearly fifty others.

The brief: UNITY needed an identity that would communicate the scale and seriousness of its cause.

Rather than a language of ‘alarm’ that aims to shock and grab, we felt the campaign should evoke a sense of calm. A break from the noise.

We wanted to encourage a moment of reflection and action – time to stop, think, act and heal, for the rainforest’s sake.

The approach to colour was rooted in a celebration of both the forest and the colour and vibrancy of its culture. The red, yellow and blue accents are symbols of the ingenious communities, woven through the website, presenting the art and working alongside and the hero palette of greens.

Every aspect of this campaign serves as a reminder that CHANGE IS POSSIBLE.

It became clear to us that the visual identity for UNITY must be framed by the forest, a reminder that nature is the backdrop to everything we do and something we all rely on for life.
The satellite photography of the rainforest canopy was chosen to show the holes, the patches of trees and burnt land that has been completely destroyed. It’s not until we see the magnitude of destruction that we put into perspective the severity of the situation.
By layering the artists’ photography over the aerial shots, we created a digital tapestry which directly highlights the context and purpose of this initiative: their art is literally patching up the holes and renewing the land.

It’s not until we see the magnitude of destruction that we put into perspective the severity of the situation.