REPRESENTING AND REFRAMING THE PREDICTABLE CONVERSATION AND AESTHETIC AROUND SUSTAINABILITY TO ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO SEE AND THINK DIFFERENTLY. A PLASTIC PLANET’s single aim is to ignite and inspire the world to turn off the tap of plastic. It’s a brand all about possibility and a promise of a plastic free future for food and drink packaging.

The issue of plastic pollution is a familiar one — so our approach was to use powerful, engaging creativity at every touch point — not add to the ‘noise’ around sustainability and recycling and the environment.

Our approach is about education, approachability and clear, effective design to drive understanding and effect behaviour. Too much of the communication on sustainability either feels fear and guilt driven or so serious and huge that the average person can’t or doesn’t want to engage with it. We didn’t want to continue to visually “tell the problem” — we chose to inspire with communications that speak of actionable, everyday, human-centric change.