M, A, P.

Exquisitely crafted men’s accessories that simplify and elevate the art of travel.

M, A, P.  design and manufacture exquisitely crafted men’s accessories that simplify and elevate the art of travel.
 The result is a new standard of contemporary luxury that fuses form, function and creativity to elevate the art and practice of travel.

M, A, P.  is a collaboration between three friends who like to travel and who also happen to work as directors here at Made Thought. The brand started with the desire that all three pool their knowledge and passion for luxury brands to create something new and different in the world of men’s accessories.

The brand’s signature ‘chevron’ motif is a simple but powerful emblem of forward momentum.

At the heart of M,A,P. products lies a distinct ambition to create beautiful products that possess functional features that elevate and improve the way we travel.
The “24” Workbag
The “12” Workbag
One feature of the M,A,P. range is the ability to personalise certain products. Using an artisanal hand painting process, the distinctive chevron, the brand motif, can be applied in a wide variety of colours.
The “Anywhere”

Constructed from the softest leathers, combined with high performance materials to allow breathability, the Anywhere finds the perfect balance of style and functionality that is synonymous with M,A,P.
Keeping technology well protected is a key consideration for the Anywhere.
Different leathers combined for different reasons. Robust for areas that need to be protective, soft for areas that sculpt to the user.
All M,A,P. products are handcrafted to the highest standard in Andalusia, a province of Spain with the finest history in luxury leather making. Every component is exquisitely finished, with bespoke zips and hardware that convey an obsessive attention to detail.
The “Anywhere”
The “Everywhere” Tote
The “Slim” Wallet with Stripe
The “Pinnatex® Everywhere” Tote

Constructed from an innovative and sustainable textile drawn from Pineapple, with all the rollable functionality of the nylon variant, this unique material creates a distinctive product. Piñatex® is a natural, sustainably produced textile made from pineapple leaf fibre.
Rollable functionality
The leaves are the by-product of existing agriculture, and their use not only results in a unique, innovative and durable material, it also creates an additional income stream for farming communities. In 2016 Piñatex won the Arts Foundation UK award for Material Innovation.
The “Carry”

A classic silhouette, combining technical nylon with fine leather, the Carry tote is a lightweight, spacious piece with internal compartments and external pockets. A zippable inner lining provides protection and security.
The “Flight”