Defining the visual strategy and brand world for a new and inspiring district at London’s eastern gateway.

To be completed by 2037, the 150-acre site of the Greenwich Peninsula will comprise seven neighbourhoods with more than 15,000 new homes, 13,000 new jobs, two schools, bars, restaurants and two and a half kilometres of river walkway. It is the largest single regeneration project undertaken in London.

We were tasked with creating a visual strategy that could encompass every aspect of this colossal enterprise, and at the same time stand apart from run-of-the-mill property development identities. With a clean slate to work with, we didn’t want the Greenwich Peninsula’s visual strategy to be bound by history. Instead, we took a bold approach, and placed creativity and imagination at the heart of the idea.

The identity, which uses the idea of changing light, was inspired by dialogue with our partners on the development team. It illustrates the changing and dynamic nature of the place and has been created with enough in-built flexibility to fuel the imagination of what is anticipated to be a broad range of future residents.

A visual brand identity built around the idea of change, formation, movement and momentum.
The identity uses a vertical line that represents the Prime Meridian line through the development.

How do we motivate a significant amount of ‘makers and movers’ to consider moving to the Peninsula?

By not talking about the Peninsula. Instead by talking about a vision and philosophy and instilling a creative spirit that resonates with everyone, irrespective of their life stage.