DESIGN MIAMI | 2015–2018

Taking the best of design to the best of
the design world.

Design Miami, the partner show to Art Basel, is the world’s most remarkable design fair, presenting the very best international modern and contemporary design gathered with a strong curatorial perspective.

It brings together the most influential galleries, collectors, dealers, designers, curators and critics from around the world to galvanize and inspire design culture and comment. The event, which takes place annually in both Basel and Miami, operates in a highly charged creative and cultural environment.

We’ve been creative partners of Design Miami since its inception in 2005. We’ve helped establish an authoritative and graphically ordered brand identity through a timeless and modernist aesthetic and developed a constantly evolving and disruptive conceptual layer that inspires a cultural dialogue, and engages the attention of a highly esoteric audience.

Collaboration with French illustrator Pierre Le-Tan
‘Chromatropic’ pattern developed using Pierre Frey classic prints
Chromatropic now available as a wallpaper from Pierre Frey