Building a creative legacy for one of the original supermodels.

Claudia Schiffer is one of the most iconic figures in the history of modern fashion. She came to us to distil all of the style and expertise that she has absorbed over 30 years into a brand that would demonstrate her creative viewpoint and personal taste. It was an opportunity to celebrate her considerable legacy within the style and creative industries.

Avoiding the conventions of celebrity brands was crucial. Working with Claudia, we adopted a more contemporary, modernist aesthetic framed by an over-arching brand strategy, visual identity and tone of voice. What we developed was versatile enough to be applied to multiple categories, from beauty and eyewear to hosiery and footwear.

We also developed the design and art-direction of Claudia’s legwear brand (including packaging and communications) and the physical and digital elements of her cosmetics range. We also created the first monograph based on her career, celebrating one of the most stellar archives of fashion photography.