Re-positioning a brand to reflect the calibre
of its products.

Reflecting the reputation and calibre of a high-end audio manufacturer with a visual personality that befits the superlative products it creates.

Naim Audio is a British hi-fi manufacturer that has spent over 40 years creating some of the world’s most well regarded and highly desired audio products. Technical innovation has always been their obsessive focus. Today though, the world demands a more visually rich and communicative brand personality to support and articulate the kind of excellence that Naim is known for.

We were tasked to bring the entire Naim visual brand into line with a new strategy. We refreshed every touch point of their visual brand, from core identity and packaging to digital communications. An elevated brand narrative was established, allowing new product ranges to dovetail seamlessly into the refreshed visual world. Harmony ensued.

In addition to addressing the core brand, we led the development of films, drove the art-direction to a new standard and are partnering on upcoming collaborations with global lifestyle retailers, introducing and activating Naim within a partnership context to new audiences.