Rediscovering the beauty of personal communication and the story of exquisite print in a digital world.

As the world flipped to being digital first, many people thought print would be in mortal peril. In fact, print has become highly prized once again, and as the need for it has changed, it has been forced to re-present itself as a precious medium for communication. We were given the great privilege of re-telling the story and re-affirming the skill of the world’s finest print house, the Imprimerie du Marais in Paris.

With a history spanning back to 1954, they commissioned us to produce a new brand identity to better reflect the standing, quality, stature and future ambition of this remarkable print atelier. With work of an uncommon level of craft and beauty, our task was to push the boundaries of print and design, challenging and elevating the very idea of what print is.

The result is an identity that exudes its own distinct confidence and clarity, and is in keeping with the company itself — as precise as it is understated.

The new brandmark blends a sense of heritage with a contemporary modernity — the same tension evident in Imprimerie du Marais’ own story and disposition as a printer.
Tote carrier bag made from Tyvek.
L’Art du Possible: A Notebook of ‘Ephemera’
Starting with what appears to be a beautifully bound blank notebook, hidden within lie eight ephemeral ‘objects’ that tell the story of the print house. Each ‘keepsake’ object tells a personal story, providing a strong narrative of the family and their values.
Invitation design for LuxePack, Monaco
Perpetual calendar using hidden magnetics to allow the workings to be discovered.