Evoking the imagination and romance of travel.

Prior’s unrivalled access and seamless travel service delivers travellers a world of unique discovery and experience. However, the strategic challenge for the growth of a brand like this is that our true sense of place, and the joy of experience and discovery have been diminished by a world fuelled by Instagram and the “attention economy”. Digitally shared experiences are now precursor to our reality.

In building a brand for this new customer travel experience, we took a conscious decision to always leave something to the audience’s imagination. The notion of a tapestry gave us a rich and immersive metaphor with which to convey the wonder of travel, inferring a diversity of destination and personal experiences.

The overarching brand personality is one of romance, magic and exploration, creating a new visually exciting archetype for high-end travel.

Depicting the Prior world as a rich tapestry of the real and surreal: an enchanting mixture of colour, sound, people, objects, stories, landscapes, smells, foods and textures.
Brandmark referencing the typographic language of maps and cartography.
Our aim was to reintroduce the romance and majesty of travel and combining this with a sense of ‘the impossible’ to position PRIOR as the gatekeeper to a forgotten world of discovery.
Weird and wonderful destinations and worlds highlighted by a subversion of context, scale and colour.
A typographic style to poetically evoke a sense of movement and journey — by imagining a map composed only of its typographic layer.