Redefining an icon. How we strategically gave an institution a voice by bringing a more compelling and human visual spirit to the MoMA’s diverse audiences.

With 2.5 million visitors a year, and outreach to communities all over the world, MoMA is one of the world’s most well known and important cultural institutions.

Our challenge was responding to the rapid pace of change in popular culture, and building
a brand and communications strategy that acknowledged the blunt instrument of traditional advertising wasn’t going to reach the breadth of audience MoMA needs to continually engage.

We worked with the team and MoMA’s board to refresh an iconic identity, introducing a more flexible graphic style that will help manage an increasingly diverse creative output.
By applying a strong voice and attitude, and making the new visual landscape feel less institutional and more inspirational, we have given MoMA an identity that is more exciting, confident, inclusive and engaging.

How do you make the world’s most famous modern art institution more “open” to all?

By making it feel less institutional and more inspirational. Give it a voice and attitude that can inform, engage, inspire and educate.

Demonstrating our ability to work seamlessly with a complex (and political) organisation to redefine an established icon and inject new life and behaviour whilst preserving its distinctiveness.