Creating a tactile universe for the world’s
finest paper company.

A brand with nearly 140 years of heritage, G F. Smith provides the finest speciality papers to the creative and fashion industries, our challenge was to raise the desirability of paper across the creative community in a world that is increasingly digital.

With an approach unlike any of its peers, and a consciously daring attitude, driven by creativity and innovation in every shape and form, our approach was to captivate through beauty, inspiration and spectacle without forgetting the proud history of a company that has been pioneering in its trade since the late 19th century.

We’ve worked with G F. Smith as a creative partner for over six years, helping to articulate all aspects of the brand including a new identity to create an organisation more relevant for today. We’ve re-invented the way they tell their story, to be focused on the physical and the tactile and make the product more engaging to an audience that is demanding in its use of paper, and its expectations of the communications that paper merchants produce.

Awarded D&AD “Black” Pencil for Brand Expression in 2015.

The 'Custodian' brandmark clearly link us back to the founder’s name — George Frederick Smith — and imparts a genuine sense of honesty, integrity and trust. ‘1885 Onwards’ acknowledges the companies great past and pioneering spirit, with a sense of progression and moving forward rather than looking back.
The Collection book houses all the ranges to create a distinctive and iconic spine.
“Appreciating that there are a multitude of routes to select and specify a single paper, we looked to the most trusted and long-standing tools for guidance — dictionaries and encyclopaedias. The key for us was understanding how to get the user to the right piece of information (or paper) as efficiently as possible. Each reference tool expertly delivers a different quality or function for the user, from thumb-tab indexing of dictionaries to page-number indexing of encyclopaedias.” — Ben Parker
The mark subtly echoes our English
provenance whilst feeling contemporary and
The 'Curator' hallmark leveraging the 'hand' — a symbol of touch and tactility.
A bespoke typeface, taking inspiration from early twentieth century British typefaces
‘Portrait of a Company’ brand book.
The Collection Wall, Hull. A visual manifestation of the entire offer, using the team to create the wall.
The idea of custodianship is brought into the uniforms through the simple gesture of placing the staff member’s name against that of your founder. This creates a link between the two and reminds them of their relationship.
Service Badges.
Fine Collection by G F. Smith

Fine Collection by G F. Smith. Crowd sourcing high quality photographic imagery from G.F.Smith's own audience across a diverse range of photographic styles (still life, fashion, architecture, food) to showcase the true performance quality of the papers.
Takeo by G F. Smith
Strathmore by G F. Smith
Make Book by G F. Smith
Beauty in the Making by G F. Smith exhibition, London
‘Paper City’ for UK City of Culture.

Paper City was a ten day event at Hull 2017, UK City of Culture,
that celebrated colour with installations created by some of the most exciting creative minds from the worlds of contemporary art, design and architecture. Creatives included Richard Woods, Jacqui Poncelet, Max Lamb, Bethan Laura Wood and Made Thought.
'The Fabric of Hull’, paper installation at Paper City, 2017.

A suspended tapestry symbolising the way that the history of Hull and G F. Smith are interwoven and interlinked. Handwoven in the G F. Smith factory in Hull by its employees, which makes reference to the jobs, community and relationships that the company has create in the city during their 130-year history.
The Perfect Paper Aeroplane Project, window installation, London