A cathedral to paper.

Part brand experience, part consultancy space, part event space we developed the architectural concept for G.F Smith’s central London Show Space working in partnership with project architects d-raw to execute the vision. Its aim is to remind people of the ‘power and beauty of the physical and tactile’ and put paper on the centre stage.

Just off Oxford Street, the 4,000 sq. ft. of the Show Space gives the brand a unique venue in which to explore and share the possibilities of paper with the creative community, luxury brands and anyone passionate about the creative power of print. It’s also home to G.F Smith’s extensive range of the world’s finest papers — the 14-metre Collection Wall presents every paper the company has ever created or discovered. Downstairs, the White Space gallery will host exhibitions and takeovers from partner brands and designers helping to illuminate the art and science of paper.

Today, paper makes a stronger statement than ever before, and with print, it has opened a new frontier for branding in the 21stcentury. The Show Space is truly a celebration of all that is possible in paper and print, a chance to attract and engage familiar and new audiences, and an expression of G.F Smith’s brand that places it at the forefront of this new era.

Audacious eye-catching window displays are designed to surprise, delight and inspire.
Opening event invitation
A 14 metre collection wall showing every paper available. A physical manifestation of the offer.
The entire space is built on the DIN A-format proportions.
Heritage case showcasing historic archive from 1885
The Show Space has two key roles: a physical showcase of G.F Smith's extensive range of the world’s finest papers. It is also a space to push the creative boundaries of what paper can do — all in the ambition to remind people of the “power and beauty of the physical and the tactile”.