Taking the iconic Colorplan global.

The Colorplan brand reflects the same effortless simplicity, confidence and beauty of the product itself, concentrating on the expressive qualities inherent in the paper, rather than focusing on its technical attributes. This viewpoint directly engages and inspires the design audience who specify the product across multiple applications.

The business cards use a technique we call ‘paper marquetry’ where individual shapes of paper are physically glued to a backing card. This allows the brand — a paper company — to showcase up to four paper stocks per card. The original design was so successful that we had to introduce textures into the different coloured stocks so that recipients could understand how these were constructed.
Colorplan Directions No.3: High Octane
Colorplan Directions No.2: Permanence
Colorplan Directions No.4: Biophilia
Colorplan Directions No.1: Barely There
'Play' Book
Envelopes promotion
Colorplan ‘Tidal’ exhibition, London
Colorplan exhibition, Atlanta, USA
Colorplan at LuxePack, exhibition, Monaco
Notebook No.2
Notebook No.1
Colorplan ‘Mini’
Colorplan Difference promotion
Colorplan Global Briefing identity
Colorplan ‘Cloudscape’, exhibition, Melbourne
Colorplan ‘Tidal’, exhibition, Jaipur
Colorplan ‘Chaos’, exhibition, Tokyo
Colorplan ‘Prism’, window installation, London