Designing for a new chapter.

“We were delighted to work with Made Thought on our recent rebrand because of their reputation as one of the best, if not the best progressive design agency on the planet. But that reputation does not even come close to doing them justice. Instead of a design agency we found a thought partner. And instead of a rebrand we ended up completely pivoting our business and strategy together with this brilliant team and then built an amazing visual language and code from this new starting position.

The commercial performance of our new branding has been absolutely outstanding and has blown us away. But that is only a tiny bit of the story. Working together with Made Thought we are completely focussed on becoming far more sustainable in everything we do and setting a new standard for our industry as we look change the status quo and to inspire others to do more to help save our planet.

Made Thought are quite simply the best and most inspirational people we have ever worked on our brand and business with.”

— JAMES WATT, Co-founder, Brewdog


Since its founding in 2007, Brewdog has been visionary. Its rebellious nature and its desire to rip up the rule book has turned it into one of the most successful start ups in the UK and the world’s largest crowdfunded business with over 120,000 shareholders, their equity punks. After years of growth and change, they had outgrown their brand identity. Our work started with helping reimagine a new vision, purpose and creative attitude for both brand and business that would set it up for the future. Our aim was to set a new progressive benchmark and behaviour for the beer industry moving the brand from its rebellious roots to becoming a “maverick with purpose” — continuing to break the rules but always with a desire to have a positive impact on the world and the community that fuel the brand.

Identity was a key component but Brewdog’s rebrand is an opportunity to tell a new story of change. Starting with a “Tomorrow Charter” that set out its ambition and identify a new series of commitments looking to reinvent sustainability with a more creative approach.

The identity provided a more flexible brand system and behaviour to span a range of over 100 products, 5 distilleries and 100 bars around the world. No stone was left unturned — with every single element challenged to be as engaging and varied as possible.