A journal exploring thoughts and conversations
on visual culture.

“Time to think has become the ultimate luxury.”

The ever-expanding fields of visual culture appear more important than ever before. Our new-found capability to engage with ever-refreshing visual content is outstripping our ability to understand, synthesise and appreciate it. At the core of our belief — and the reason for this journal — is the notion that we can, must and should take more time to consider and discuss the visual culture we create.
For us, this is all about creating dialogue, as we believe conversation is a cultivating medium for deep thought; and we believe that deep thought is a prerequisite of both good decisions and great design.
In each issue of TO THINK, we bring provocateurs, entrepreneurs, designers and visionaries together and ask them a single question with the aim of provoking debate and opening up fulfilling thought around the visual culture that surrounds us. We hope TO THINK will provide the necessary moments of quiet to stop, contemplate and think.

TO THINK DEEPER now available in LONDON (The Design Museum and MagCulture), 
NEW YORK (Standards Manual) and BERLIN (Do You Read Me?!)


The Design Museum Beazley Designs of the Year 2018 Nomination for A Plastic Free Supermarket Aisle

  • 12 September 2018 — 6 January 2019

Ben Parker as a panel speaker at “The End of the Unethical”, Design Junction, London

  • TALK
  • 20 September 2018, 15.00–15.50

To Think Journal Launch, NYC

  • October 2018 (Details to Follow)

Panel discussion on “To Think Forever” at The Assembly, Heckfield Place

  • TALK
  • November 2018 (Details to Follow)

Paul Austin to judge at Hong Kong Global Design Awards 2018

  • 26–29 November 2018
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