Making everyday fashion extraordinary.

MAX&Co is a bold and vibrant contemporary fashion brand, born in Italy in 1986 as part of the Max Mara group.

Our work with MAX&Co wasn’t about reinvention. Their clothes are artfully simple, designed for modern life and for elevating the everyday. When you define your brand attitude early on, if it’s not something you’re revisiting and holding yourself to over the years, it can gradually lose its way, often without you noticing. We wanted to work with MAX&Co to reassess and re-approach their visual identity in order to re-energise the brand, to bring back their unique spirit and live up to their mission of making every day fashion extraordinary.

Colour played a transformative role. They had a palette of pinks, pastel pinks, which is ubiquitous in the fashion world. It felt safe. A palette of reds allowed us to build on the pink, to dial up the volume, turning up the frequency until you get to red. Red felt instantly iconic; more fiery and confident.

We re crafted the logo but then we had fun with it – we cut it up, we split it, we ran it around corners. We developed a visual language that makes room for energy and expression and accurately reflects the spirit of the MAX&Co brand.

Services: Visual Identity, Campaign, Printed Matter, Packaging