We're thrilled to announce two of our clients, The Nue Co and Natural Fiber Welding, made Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies list for 2023.

The Nue Co made the most innovative beauty company list for creating a new category with their functional fragrances. From their origins in wellness-boosting supplements, the brand were inspired by how olfactory interactions impact the brain. We worked with them to design the look and feel of their naturally scented unisex perfume range and haircare products, which serve to elevate mood with anti-stress benefits. The Nue Co challenge our preconceptions of the industry by demonstrating how beauty is interconnected with the health of ourselves and planet.

Natural Fiber Welding made the most innovative companies in energy and sustainability of 2023. Their alternative material solutions to plastic or animal-based fabrics have the potential for huge impact, through inverting the choices brands make at source. For example, Mirum is a plant-based and plastic-free material perfect for anything from footwear to automotive or upholstery. Their relentless drive for systems-wide change makes them one to watch in 2023.

In addition, our sister studio, Map Project Office, also made the most innovative design company list. From designing London’s new Elizabeth train line, to working with Google’s Seed Studio to provoke questions of how we can behave in harmony with technological objects in their project Little Signals. They strive to ensure our lives are more seamless through physical craft for the digital age.

Discover our work with The Nue Co here and keep an eye out for more from Natural Fibre Welding later in the year.