Watch G.F Smith's Possibilities of Paper - Colorplan come to life in their new film. Produced in collaboration with Swiss printing house Sonderegger, the film showcases the vast potential of Colorplan through numerous production techniques such as raster engraving, overprinting foil with ink, and debossing. 

Designed by Made Thought, The Possibilities of Paper is a limited edition print series that aims to explore the beauty and vibrancy of colour through graphic vignettes of butterflies. The series takes a journey from micro to macro, starting from immense detail and abstraction and leading to a gradual understanding of the subject matter in later releases. 

"Together, alongside our creative partners G.F. Smith and Sonderegger we are pushing the boundaries of print and paper," says Made Thought's design director Gian Lacanilao. "Drawing inspiration from the abundant, diverse, and tonal spectrum of Colorplan, we present an artful and expressive reinterpretation of the original butterfly imagery, showcasing the vast potential of Colorplan paper to create unique and unusual colour combinations."

Discover our long-standing partnership with G.F Smith. 

Film directed by Ben Brown.

Highres GF Smith Colorplan Edition 175
Highres GF Smith Colorplan Edition 227
Highres GF Smith Colorplan Edition 277
Highres GF Smith Colorplan Edition 295