A refreshingly pared-back, honest approach that challenges the expected veneer of fashion and beauty.

A completely new approach by the H&M Group, & Other Stories is a brand premised on a female attitude to shopping influenced by the convergence of editorial, social and blog culture. The brand needed to communicate distinct newness for its beauty offer to stand out on the high street.

As we talked and delved deeper into the communication of high street fashion, we found a place that was rarely shown: backstage. It’s where the true style and knowledge exists – so we captured this in our brand image, reflecting a world no less full of creative energy and possibility. It meant we distanced the brand from the polish and veneer present in the work of so many fashion industry marketeers.

We stripped away the conventional ‘veneer’ of beauty and fashion, to reveal a more honest and understated aesthetic. In employing a visual language that finds beauty in the seemingly unconsidered, our biggest challenge was to find the equilibrium between credibility and trustworthiness for a completely new product range, whilst balancing it with a fashion viewpoint.

Where utility meets with fashion.

Graphically simple and default. Seemingly unconsidered. Informative and direct. Spontaneous and energetic.
Colour Cosmetics.

This range allowed us to express the fashion link most closely. Delivering a strong sense of graphic play, texture and richness.
Building trust through an editorial voice.

Adopting a more ‘spoken’ voice was a key writing style for the brand. Describing the products with an editorial-style and human voice instilled an instant familiarity and trust.
The beginnings of stories from Shakespeare to modern prose
Beautiful canvas: Base Cosmetics.

A confident, easy to navigate range that employs an ‘immediate’ aesthetic.

How do we find creative opportunity in the crowded high street beauty environment?

Pull back the veneer and focus on simplicity and human gesture to provide a more authentic story focused brand.

‘No veneer’.

The creation of a visual language that finds beauty in the seemingly unconsidered. Adopting the neutrality and spirit of ‘bypassing the marketing department’. This approach appears more credible whilst providing a backbone for further expression.
Creating a tension and juxtaposition between two worlds played out throughout the brand. The selection of the two brand typefaces, Courier and Times, echoed this tension.
Honesty and Simplicity.

Like the simple irreverence of the naming of Chanel No.5, the naming of products is direct and honest, and ultimately more credible.
Making the generic luxurious.

Informative and direct: Skincare. An informative and functional aesthetic, using purity and calm to evoke credibility and trust.
Celebrate colour.
Open to interpretation: Body & Shower.
This range was about evoking emotive and relevant colour stories through playful, handcrafted expression.
All about product. A canvas and frame.