Bringing to life a premium credit card experience for the world’s most creative financial company.

Hyundai Card is one of Korea’s biggest financial services companies, renowned for world class design and shifting the paradigm of finance with creative ideas. Their world of finance is rooted in creativity, innovation and cultural experiences. Each of their credit card packages is designed to open up a new world of experiences for their culturally hungry customers: architectural spaces and libraries dedicated to enriching their customer’s understanding, knowledge and lifestyle.

They came to us with what was initially a simple brief: a redesign of the packaging for their three premium tier credit cards: Red, Purple and the very rare and exclusive, Black card.

Our team approached it as just that to begin with, we went through a discovery phase where we explored packaging related solutions – expressive 3D forms, testing different materiality – challenging the perception of what a package is. We wanted to create something that tested and reclaimed the notion of premium.

This work led us to the realisation that delivering these three cards was more about the cultural relevance of being a Hyundai cardholder than about the cards themselves. As a brand, they believe knowledge is the most valuable commodity and strive to enrich people’s lives through cultural activation. We felt that delivering a package that conveyed the cultural relevance of the card, serving content to the consumer that was uniquely tailored to their interests and lifestyle would be more surprising and impactful than any traditional packaging, no matter how innovative.

Our goal was to reimagine the entire creative concept and physical offering for each of the premium tier cards. We created three bespoke journals, each between 150-250 pages, hosting the card in the centre pages, delivering each one within a world of content that reflected the interests and desires of each customer type as well as celebrating the symbology of the colours. For each edition we interviewed artists, creators, travel writers, innovators, deep thinkers and commissioned photographers from all over the world to collectively create this broad cultural window into the world of The Red, The Purple and The Black Hyundai Cards.

The new way of thinking that we arrived at has formed the basis for all Hyundai Card packaging. The idea is that this format can be refreshed and reissued so the content is always culturally relevant and engaged with the current conversations on a global scale and crafted uniquely for each card’s audience.

“We initially asked for a re-design of Hyundai Card’s Premium credit card packaging. While we envisioned minor developments or revisions to existing packaging, Made Thought proposed a completely new concept which ended up being the most brand-experience-oriented design imaginable.” – Design Team, Hyundai Card


The Red.

Vibrant, Spirited, Fashion, Art.

We built a world of colour, rather than just focusing on the colour red, this edition was about celebrating every colour.


The Black.

Absolute, Innovative, Technology, Architecture.

This journal was built around the idea of the colour black being absolute. It’s a celebration of innovation, business, uncommon creativity and future-focused ideas from pioneers across industries.


The Purple.

Tactility, Imagination, Design, Travel.

We started from a point of tactility, the journal changed in material throughout the publication to reflect the different interviews and stories throughout.