It has never been more important to stand up and take action; to act now not later; to re-think and re-make. Last week our co-founder Ben Parker and PlasticFree's Sian Sutherland spoke to a packed audience in London on the role and responsibility of creatives in the 21st century.

Ben takes us through the six Made Thought beliefs that businesses should seek to adopt, as our shared responsibility for creating a better world. Acting with hyperspeed, with optimistic naivety, and with an interconnected view, can allow us to rethink and transcend our myopic behaviour.

Sian explains how we can meet the imperative action required. With a noble and exhilarating goal to help designers eradicate 1 trillion pieces of plastic waste at source by 2026, Plastic Free is the first global alternative systems and materials use platform that can turn the tide on our plastic addiction, giving creatives the information needed to remake today.

Watch the full talk here.

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