We were honoured to take the stage at Nicer Tuesday’s last month–an event organised by our friends at It’s Nice That–and to share our work for technology brand Xeros for the first time. Xeros sheds light on issues that are affecting our planet, and the big ideas it takes to solve them. Their technologies, essentially washing machine filtration systems, are integrated into equipment to improve performance, reduce costs, and protect the environment. So far, their technology has saved millions of litres of water and could prevent billions of microfibres from ending up in our oceans. 

Xeros is at the precipice of adoption and needed help to bring its technology to the world. What they needed was the confidence to communicate like a 21st century brand, one that is capable of making people care about something most people have probably never thought twice about. For us, it was an amazing opportunity to channel the core principles of the studio - a deep passion for sustainability, optimism, creativity and purpose. Watch our senior designer Alistair Davies and co-founder Paul Austin discuss our approach to Xeros, alongside recent work for Pinterest and BrewDog and why we think now is a better time than ever to be a creative. 

Full talk here.