In November, TO THINK and THE ASSEMBLY will host a panel discussion during Heckfield Place’s sustainability month.

We are proud to call on the reflections of some of the most influential long-termists in the world today. The conversations that develop during the talk will inspire the curation of the second edition of the journal. 

This quarterly journal celebrates the perspectives of deep thinkers in elevating our understanding of the contrasts and collisions that both nourish and deprive. The essence of the ideas discussed at the panel will be captured in a collection of beautifully-created articles to take centre stage in the second edition of To Think. Entitled To Think Forever, the second incarnation of the journal explores the lost art of foresight in a world hooked on the now. Each piece will shed new light on the fundamental question at hand: how do we think forever in a fleeting world?


To Think by Made Thought proudly partners with The Assembly at Heckfield Place.