Injecting visual modernity into a global
heritage brand.

Hunter, famed for its rubber Wellington boots since 1856, has been the preferred choice of the rural community for generations. But in the late 90s, a new wave of festival-goer turned the brand’s heritage upside-down by making the boots the fashion choice for a much more style-driven audience.

This shift in the brand’s customer base heralded the appointment of Alasdhair Willis as creative director, tasked with propelling Hunter forward as a truly progressive British luxury apparel brand. Under his charge, we were appointed to bring the entire visual brand identity in line with his new strategy and creative vision. Strategically, our task was to inject a new youth and modernity in the visual brand whilst preserving its heritage.

The scope saw all core brand assets go through a process of transformation and visual refinement, including logotypes, graphic attitude, packaging, garment branding and image style, all with one ambition — to elevate every brand moment and communicate a new attitude and spirit.

Boot packaging