Exquisitely precious, effortlessly simple, translating a make-up artist’s dream into a global beauty powerhouse.

The challenge of realising the transformational vision of one of the world’s most prolific make-up artist’s didn’t just result in a ground-breaking brand identity and make-up collection – it may well have helped change cosmetics as an industry forever.

Our task in this creative partnership with Charlotte Tilbury was to listen, learn and through conversation extract what was in her dreams, and bring those dreams to life. From initial strategic positioning we understood where clear space existed in the cosmetics landscape. Visually, we developed an exquisite monogram to reflect Charlotte’s love of art-deco.

Every detail was crafted and every piece of packaging was designed to elevate the discovery moment, employing sophisticated paper engineering and storytelling to captivate the user all married with Charlotte’s playful personality and language.

The work was an overnight success, outperforming almost all other competitor brands within the beauty department.

Monogram and patterning.

Combining delicate patterning with an Art Deco influence.
To create a brand that says everything about Charlotte.
A strong, confident graphic brand shape, offset by a delicate pencil line, reminiscent of a stocking heel.
Style and substance.
Taking art deco references and inferring sunburst and star motifs.