Brooks England

Blowing the dust off a heritage brand, bringing it closer to the experience and boundless possibility of its products.

Brooks England is an iconic saddle brand, exemplary in the world of cycling, rooted in nostalgia, tradition and craft. Our brief was to evolve the brand as opposed to completely revolutionising it.  We wanted to re-tailor by building on its iconic foundations to make it more relevant, contemporary and appeal to a wider audience, to bring it closer to experience and possibility of its products.

The collective ambition was to really root the product in the experience of cycling bringing it closer to the possibility, discovery and lifestyle benefits of hobby whilst respecting the tradition and craft of the Brooks brand.

How the Brook's instagram looks with the new brand created by Made Thought
An example of a Brook's advert in the new branding by Made Thought
How the new Brook's branding translates to packaging and product experience
The new Brook's brand guidelines by Made Thought

Our approach paid respect to their founding spirit and expertise in their craft but encourages a more future facing outlook to cycling – as art, as an experience, as a practice.

The new brooks typography by Made Thought
The typographic voice and style that we introduced combined several heritage typefaces and applied them in a way which felt like a much more contemporary expression. We combined sans serif and serif into the same piece of copy, reflecting the nature of the ride: cycling across the different landscapes, different terrains and the different contexts that the product is designed to exist within.
The new Brook typography by Made Thought
The new Brooks packaging designed by Made Thought
The new Brooks typography by Made Thought
New Brooks packaging by Made Thought
It became clear there were a number of principles that would form the refreshed brand personality — all of which embodied an inherent tension and duality, that stemmed from the product itself. This tension is exemplified by the original B17 saddle and it’s two sides. One perfectly finished and polished the other untreated, raw and tactile — both existing beautifully in a single form.
New Brook's packaging by Made Thought
Unboxing the new Brooks experience by Made Thought

The Brooks brand’s evolving product range was an important factor in the evolution of the brand and also demonstrates the idea of tension. The classic products, traditionally made and born of heritage, faithfully continuing the traditions of ‘yesterday’ and an innovative collection of category defining carbon fibre and natural composite creations that truly champion a vision for ‘tomorrow’.

Moments of delight within the new Brooks brand by Made Thought
The new Brooks brand by Made Thought in action
A campaign poster for the new Brooks brand by Made Thought
An example of typography within the new Brooks brand by Made Thought
The duality of respect for the past and innovation for the future is visible in all of the decisions that we made during the design process.

“We wanted to express that sort of fluidity and flexibility and freedom that comes with cycling.”

Alistair Webb, Creative Director, Made Thought

The boundless nature of the journey and experience that the Brooks product offers is the crucial message that the brand evolution needed to be able to convey, this flexibility, possibility and sense of discovery within every touchpoint, every campaign and every communication is what gives the brand longevity, rooted in the experience and culture of cycling wherever it may travel.
The new Brooks brand by Made Thought
Another look at the new Brooks brand by Made Thought

The result is a brand that has creative flex and depth and can continuously evolve and adapt to new products and places. It is no longer a brand made up purely of nostalgia, Brooks has used its heritage as a platform for expansion into the future.

A campaign poster within the new Brooks brand by Made Thought
The new Brooks brand by Made Thought