We are a creative office that believes in heartfelt strategy and exquisite visual craft to create brands, products and experiences that people fall in love with.

Simple ideas, effortlessly beautiful, that appeal to the head and the heart. Our work makes deep and lasting connections.

We are a studio of intentionally diverse creativity —
of thinkers and doers, makers and crafters, writers and editors, opinion formers and social connectors.


We’re a creative office with the agility and adaptability to meet challenges at every scale. Our work combines intelligent thought and creative excellence.


We build platforms on which brands and businesses can thrive.

– Brand positioning and visual strategy
– Brand activation and marketing strategy
– Creative strategy for digital commerce
– Brand communication and content strategy
– Brand behaviour and channel approach
– Visual personality and photographic direction
– Brand expression and tone of voice


We deliver excellence in execution to the most exquisite detail.

– Brand identity and graphic design
– Design and art direction for digital commerce
– Packaging and product design
– Design of printed objects and tactile surfaces
– Integrated campaigns and storytelling
– Art direction of photography and moving image
– Retail environment and installations
– Brand activation and experiential design


We measure the work we do against four outcomes crucial
to great design.

It must be INTELLIGENT — the result of collaborative thinking, dynamic dialogue and a clear understanding of the problem. It has to be DISTINCT — able to cut through complexity and stand out from the crowd. It needs to be PROVOCATIVE — able to change brand perception and customer behaviour. And it has to be BEAUTIFUL.

Ben & Paul, Founding Partners and Creative Directors

“We set out to build a team capable of remarkable things. To create an environment where we could bring intelligent thinking and beautiful design together.
To take an approach that favours simplicity over complexity. Where every challenge is tackled with the same energy and ambition, irrespective of size. Where people thrive, brands are transformed and elevated,
and design makes a positive and measurable impact.”


We’ve established a handful of distinct project teams to partner in specialised areas of brand and product development and delivery.


We know what it’s like to start from scratch. So, we’re committed to providing creative and strategic support for start-ups in the earliest stages of development.

Made Together gives early stage businesses access to Made Thought’s talent and experience while giving us the chance to have a deeper involvement in projects that really excite us. To open the dialogue, get in touch.


We believe in beautiful work that makes a positive impact, so we’re constantly discovering, researching and trialling methods and materials that reduce our environmental impact. To partner with us, get in touch.

Paul Austin, lecture in Australia


We’ve been awarded a rare D&AD “Black” Pencil in 2015. And we were voted the UK’s best creative studio (by our peers) and we’ve been in the top ten for the last five years. But the praise we really care about is evident in the length of the relationships we build with our clients. To be awarded their trust, to work with them in realising a long-term vision, is the most significant recognition of all.



We can build a brand from the ground up, or, breathe new creative energy into brands that have lost their way.


The world is complicated enough. In the way we work, and work with you, we believe simple and clear is always best.


We look at brands in totality, from tone of voice to complete roll out, because every aspect of a brand contributes to the whole.


We always set out to make a positive impact on the companies we work with. We believe a deep understanding of the challenge and a passionate, intelligent team are at the heart of work that makes a difference.


In how we conduct ourselves and in what we produce, we seek to make a conscious difference. We believe thoughtful and beautiful work can make a better world.


Dialogue is the basis of effective work. We work with you, and for you. We believe in listening, honesty and the importance of direct conversation.


MADE PROJECTS is an incubator for new products and opportunities, developing ideas generated within the business from initial idea through to product development and launch.

The '24' workbag with citrine handprinted chevron

M, A, P.

M, A, P. the first of our MADE PROJECTS, is a travel accessories brand that pools all of our combined knowledge of and passion for luxury brands in creating something new and different in the world of men’s accessories. M, A, P. fuses form, function and creativity to elevate the art and practice of travel.